Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let me know what you think girls...
A Brief description of “The Watchers of Sionon.”
Sionon is a dying planet. Aaronia, the daughter of the king, sees a flaming orb exploding on the cliffs of Yava. She feels this to be of great portent, perhaps a sign?
Jared Adams, science officer of the space ship Wayfarer, is the sole survivor of the crash which Aaronia sees. He is amazed when she and her Uncle show up at the crash sight. This planet was believed to be uninhabited.
Aaronia and her Uncle take him back to their summer camp to meet her father, King Neri. Because of his technology, Jared is thought to be a sort of devil and is imprisoned. All that saves him from death is Aaronia. She chooses Jared as her husband, thus forcing the king to reconsider. The king, through revelation, then realizes that Jared is the answer to prophesy. Jared is the one, the great Yava, the descendant of “he who was left behind,” who will save the people.
It turns out that the Watchers are the descendants of Enoch who is mentioned in the Bible, the prophet who with his entire city was taken from the earth. They look for this Yava, who they now believe Jared to be, to return them to the first garden.
Jared is given a place in the community and a seat on the council. He and Aaronia marry and make their home in the House of the Ancients which was reserved for the arrival of Yava nearly a thousand years earlier. These “Houses” are immense chambers, deep underground, which are where the people survive the extreme dry and cold of winter and why the people were never detected on this planet before.
Now, through the technology that nearly got him killed, Jared improves the conditions on Sionon, postponing starvation. Time is against them however as each year the planet dries up and no rescue arrives. The people still look to Jared to deliver them but how can he? He is just as much trapped on this dying planet as they are. He has a good life now but how long will they last?
His wife Aaronia dies in the thirteen year plague along with their smallest daughter and her father the King. Jared is dismayed to realize that he is next in line to be king. Not only that, but he is now required to find another wife. He meets that requirement in an unexpected way as he learns his new calling as King and Chief Watcher of Sion.
As he, his remaining children and his new wife return to the Ancient house, his daughter Sarah, who has her mother’s gift, dreams of a ship coming in the spring. Will another ship finally come as the circle of portents predict? Will Jared be able to deliver the Watchers?
(Read the continuing books of the trilogy to see how these prophecies are fulfilled.)
Just a thought about daisies Krista. In the tone of John Wayne, it's better to be pulling them out than pushing them up sister... Sorry to see them go though, just the same.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You've inspired me. Gotta get some submissions out there but then I am going to get going on the rewrite for the second part of the trilogy. I'm thinking about calling it either The Gathering of Sionon or The Watchers Gather. I'm rewriting all of Jared Adams' stuff from his brothers point of view. It will bring in a lot more of the differences in cultures and give a little more peek into the space ship that comes. I think the storey will be even stronger that way.

Earlier in the day would be better for me on the library meetings too... I agree it's time to start again...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summer Is Over

It's time to start meeting at the library again! I have my laptop all loaded up. Norma, I am beginning your book today!!! I followed your lead and split Remnant in half; it worked out perfectly with a scene mid-way. Carla, do you think we could meet earlier? Like 1:00?

Ladies, I've started another novel. It's about a woman who wants to be published, but that's a subplot. It takes place in Portland, OR, and the Oregon coast. The woman, Jill (since that character was cut from The Orchard, I used the name) has to confront her mother's history of substance abuse and the effect it had on her family, as she is thrown back into a relationship with a guy who, through no fault of his own, broke her heart once. It actually has a lot of physical comedy and banter... like Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, to break through the drama.
I have to go pull out the daisies, now.  Ugh.  I'd rather be writing!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Once upon a time, two friends decided to invite a new girl to play with them.  They didn't know anything about her, but they needed another person to play with and guessed that maybe the new girl would like what they were doing.  But they really weren't sure.  The new girl was shy, but she was very surprised and happy to be invited.  The friends looked nice, and she needed to get out of the house.  The three girls were quiet at first, but started to ask about each other as they played.
"I write books," said Carla.  "And so does Norma."
"Well, I try," said Norma, smiling.  "Carla has been published in the Ensign."  Both girls kept talking about their stories.
The new girl's heart began to race and she was afraid to say out loud what she was thinking inside. Finally, she blurted out, though it was quiet like a whisper, "That is my biggest dream."
The three girls looked at one another.
Some friendships are pulled together in the most peculiar ways, in the most peculiar time.  Thank you, girls, for inviting me to play with you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Testing, Testing.

Just a sample post to test fonts and colors...