Monday, September 14, 2009


Once upon a time, two friends decided to invite a new girl to play with them.  They didn't know anything about her, but they needed another person to play with and guessed that maybe the new girl would like what they were doing.  But they really weren't sure.  The new girl was shy, but she was very surprised and happy to be invited.  The friends looked nice, and she needed to get out of the house.  The three girls were quiet at first, but started to ask about each other as they played.
"I write books," said Carla.  "And so does Norma."
"Well, I try," said Norma, smiling.  "Carla has been published in the Ensign."  Both girls kept talking about their stories.
The new girl's heart began to race and she was afraid to say out loud what she was thinking inside. Finally, she blurted out, though it was quiet like a whisper, "That is my biggest dream."
The three girls looked at one another.
Some friendships are pulled together in the most peculiar ways, in the most peculiar time.  Thank you, girls, for inviting me to play with you.

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